Even if you’ve just moved into a new home or are planning a renovation, curating your space with art that reflects your personality and style is becoming an increasingly difficult task because of the increasing importance of art in modern homes. The good news is that you have access to a slew of resources that can assist you. As the most difficult aspect of this challenge, reconciling personal preferences with financial constraints, the long-held belief that bringing art into one’s home is prohibitively pricey is no longer valid.

Special events such as World Art Dubai, the Middle East’s largest and most accessible retail art fair, are assisting artists in reaching a broader audience by offering their work at lower prices than they otherwise would. For advice on how to purchase art décor without going overboard, World Art Dubai organizers spoke with event curators Batool Jafri and Petra Kaltenbach, as well as Show Director Andrew Wingrove of the Dubai World Trade Center, before the art fair’s opening.

  • Flexible budgets

The budget is just a starting point, so don’t let it be the only factor in your decision. It’s always worth squeezing in a little extra money to get the perfect piece. Consider adjusting your budget if you find yourself drawn to a piece of art that costs more than you expected. Art is an investment piece that will inspire you for many years. When compared to the joy the piece will bring you for the rest of your life, the additional cost is inconsequential.

  • Connection

If you come across a piece with which you instantly connect, embrace it and do not look for another one. Always make an effort to acquire pieces that speak to you personally, as this will result in a far greater sense of satisfaction in the long run. If you purchase something that you adore, it will remain in your home for a long time and, depending on its complexity, you will continue to learn new things about it with each viewing.

  • Consider the artist

It’s important to consider the artists’ backgrounds when building a collection of art. No matter how much money you’re willing to spend on an artist’s work, the more you learn about their background, where they went to school, and what inspires them, the more you’ll feel a connection to their work. As soon as you begin to like an artist, take a closer look at their collection; if their overall aesthetic appeals to you, you may find yourself saturating your home with their work.

  • Connect with art advisors

For the average homeowner, figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming, unless you’re a professional artist. It’s important to use art advisors if you can afford it. It’s possible to find exactly what you’re looking for with the help of trained professionals. Listen to what you like and what you can afford, and art advisors use their experience and knowledge to help you narrow down the field to a select few pieces. It is also possible to learn more about these items and materials, as well as their provenance, thanks to their knowledge and expertise.

  • Do not hesitate to ask others for their thoughts and advice!

Explore a wide range of artistic styles, techniques, and media by visiting art fairs, galleries, and artists’ workspace around the country and world. It’s never just about buying something. By bringing like-minded individuals together to share information, dedicated events assist buyers in gathering information and advice before making an actual purchase. It’s important to learn the value of different types of art from different artists so that you can make fully-informed decisions.

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