Non classifié(e)HOW TO HIDE TV WIRES?


Even if you are not a perfectionist, you will be annoyed by the mass of wires at the base of your wall-mounted television.

After all, you adore your flat-screen TV because of its slim lines, which allow the rest of the room design to take center stage, and tangled TV wires only serve to detract from this aesthetic experience.

To begin, keep in mind that surface-mount channels and raceways should not be used to conceal household current building wire.

For protection, electrical wiring should be installed within walls using plastic-sheathed NM or metal-sheathed BX.

Methods to Hide TV Wires

– Use a Flexible Zippered Cable Manager to Group Wires

When you zip all wires into a flexible fabric cable manager, they become one organizational unit. These braided sleeves accommodate up to seven wires while keeping them compact and tidy.

Zippered cable managers are about two feet long each and can be lined up, one after the other, for as long as you want. They are available in several colors that blend with the wall or disappear into the dark.

– Secure Wires in a Cable Management Box

Because several power cords exit from one power strip on the floor, it is the source of many visual problems.

It’s a tangle of cords that collect cobwebs and floor debris like a magnet.

A cable management box, made of strong ABS plastic, discreetly conceals the power strip and outsized cables in a container that appears to be part of the design.

The off-white, white, black, wood tone, and other common colors are available.

Some of them even have the capability of being painted.

As needed, side cable ports can be opened and closed. Most boxes contain air vents or slots to allow for discrete ventilation.

– Group TV Wires with DIY Cable Ties

Cable ties are effective because they are relatively affordable.

If you don’t want to commit to more permanent wire-hiding solutions, you can use individual cable ties spaced every few feet to wrestle a big tangle of wires into a smaller bundle.

Additionally, no special cable ties are required. You can purchase a roll of black 7/8-inch hook and loop tape and cut off the length of tape that you need to complete your project.

It will take only a 10-foot roll to collect as many TV wires as you will need.

– Use Shorter Wires

Even with cable management boxes and ties, excessively long TV wires snaking around the floor can be hard to minimize.

The solution is to use shorter wires.

Power, HDMI, coaxial, and data cables all come in various lengths, some as short as one foot. You can cut speaker wire with bare tips to the length you want.

– Hide TV Wires in a False Wall

Walls made of brick, concrete, and even some drywall can be hard to run interior TV wiring through because of their solidity.

Only two-by-fours, drywall, and drywall screws are needed to build a false non-load-bearing wall.

Attaching the false wall to the wall behind it is possible.

Alternatively, you can bring the false wall forward and attach it to the ceiling and floor.

You can save time and effort by tucking in the false wall’s junction with the ceiling, floor, and adjacent walls with trim.

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