It’s difficult to strike the perfect balance between trendy and dated, as renovators know. A few years later, some design decisions seem out of date and unappealing, even though they were brilliant at the time. How to fix a flat tire? Invest in long-lasting items and make major changes only if necessary. Designers Millie Alison and Katrina Garrett, of The Design Paddock, reveal their favorite ways to ensure that a space’s look and feel last through the years.

Wall paneling 

Wall paneling is a decorative feature that was popular in period homes but is now commonplace in both contemporary and traditional homes. Not only is it well-liked for its eye-catching design, but it can also instantly transform a space into something chic and finished, even with only a few decorative touches. It is possible to use horizontal paneling in any room of the house, adding texture to a large section of empty spaces and making the rooms appear taller when laid vertically. There are many ways you can incorporate it into your decor, even when you’re not ready to put it on the wall!

Natural materials

In most cases, a lack of texture causes the illusion of space. The multi-layered approach used in this design encourages the creation of a home that feels lived in and timeless. Layering with natural fibers is here to stay. Because of their adaptability and ability to work in a variety of settings, they are an easy way to add visual character to a space. Synthetic fabrics can’t compare to natural fibers in terms of soft furnishings and upholstered furniture. Natural stone is a great choice for a timeless and durable look.

Layering textures

The tactile trend of layering textures is expected to last for many years to come. Texture gives a room a sense of depth and coziness. It’s common for us to play around with materials that have different tactile qualities when putting together schemes; for example, grasscloth wallpaper and sisal are just two examples. To make a space feel more human and personal, layering allows the people who live there to show off their individuality and other unexpected elements


It’s all about hygge, Danish for “cozy,” and the design trend of curved and wavy lines is a great fit for that. Soft, rounded edges and curves are more than just a fad to us; they help a house feel like a home. When you imagine a home that is entirely made up of straight lines, it can feel awkward, hard, and geometric. If you want to make a room feel cozier and inviting, think of soft and organic shapes in your furniture, lighting, and decor. Harmony and balance can be achieved by selecting shapes that are similar in size and shape. Comfort and traditional silhouettes are always in style!


Among the many useful metals that can be found in everyday objects, copper, brass, and bronze stand out for their enduring beauty. They’ve long been used in bathrooms, but now they’re making their way into furniture, hardware, tapware, and lighting as well. These softer metals add an air of refinement, but they should only be used sparingly. Too much of a single metal can make any outfit look cheesy and overdone. Less is more. Over time, the finish will darken, tarnish, and patina to create a character in the space and a sense of individuality.


Many people opt to build their entire home from wood. Bamboo is not only beautiful and versatile, but it is also good for your health and the environment. Feature ceilings are one way to incorporate timber into a room’s design. Raw, oiled, or satinwood is also used in furniture and joinery. Not to mention the warmth and comfort it brings your home. Because wood has warm grains and tones, it can easily incorporate cool tones without feeling sterile or uninviting. Because of the constant advancements in technology and manufacturing, timber veneers are often used when cost and sustainability are important factors.




Traditional or slimline, shaker-style cabinetry has always been a great pick, and it’s a style that continues to inspire new cabinetry designs. There is nothing more timeless than white cabinetry in any color, and this style will never go out of style. There’s no doubt that this profile can be used in any room of the house: from the kitchen to the laundry room to the bedroom.

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