How to Create a Five-Star Home in 3 Simple Steps?

Isn’t it wonderful to be pampered in a luxurious hotel, with its fresh-smelling rooms, plush furniture, soft-as-silk bed sheets, fluffy pillows, bouncy beds, elegant bathrooms, and 24-hour room service? Check what we have here.

As a bonus to escaping the rat race, it’s a treat to sample the luxury of the hotel rooms. The good news is that you can have it at home with a few tweaks and additions. 

A five-star home can be yours if you follow these tips.

Make your living room stand out.


I find that the seats in five-star hotels are the most comfortable part. High-end furniture like a Chesterfield sofa, wingback chair, modular sofas, and tufted ottomans can give your living room the same comfort and luxury. 

Like in hotels, choose furniture with intricate details on the backrests or hints of gold or silver work to add some bling. Spread out chairs, side tables, and coffee tables (made of solid wood, marble, or gilded quartz) to make the room look like it can fit many people. A solid wood center table and console also look very nice.


Think about silver or gold floor lamps, vintage-style candelabras, wall sconces, and designer pendants when picking out lights. Bring a big, fancy chandelier if you want to seal the deal.


You must choose the perfect lighting and furniture, but don’t forget the decor. Choose curtains, drapes, sofa upholstery, and blinds that will make your home look like it belongs in a five-star hotel. Think about shiny fabrics like silk, damask, velvet, and satin that can make a room shine. Think about carpets that are soft to walk on. Persian or sisal rugs can also make a room look better.


Don’t hotels use calming colors? They are not harsh or loud, and they are instantly calm. Soothing hues Light blue, beige, soft bronze, or gold tinsel paint can be classy and cozy. Patterned wallpaper can replace color. Damask, nature-inspired prints, and traditional motifs add character. A metallic living room sparkles.

Design a high-grade bedroom

A bedroom is the most significant feature of a hotel, and a luxurious, welcoming, comfortable, and elegant space ensures a satisfied customer. Imagine having a peaceful haven in your bedroom as well!


Adding an extra layer with a supportive mattress topper will make the bed even more comfortable. After that, add fluffy pillows, silky cotton sheets, and a warm comforter to complete the look. Allergen-free duvets are also an option for a restful night’s sleep. 

Finally, drape a lovely embroidered or printed bed cover over the entire thing. Add some multi-colored cushions as well.


Enhance your sleeping experience with a headboard. It adds an opulent touch to the bed area by making it look more ornate, just like in hotels. With a large headboard, you create the illusion of more space in your room. In the end, the most important thing is to find a hat that gives you the best head support while also making you feel like royalty. There are many styles to choose from.


Most hotel rooms have sleek side tables with a writing pad, lamp, or flower arrangement for guests to enjoy while sleeping. Set up a desk and chair around your bed for reading or writing. If there’s a TV in the room, you can hide it. Also, use this cabinet as a private bar.


Another option is a sliding door mirror-finished wardrobe, a teakwood one, or one with glass panels that add depth to the room. 

Like in hotels, install a pull-out ironing table on one of the cabinet doors. Automatic lights in the wardrobe that come on when opening the door are a practical and beautiful feature. 

Create a bathroom that feels like a spa.

Hotel bathrooms are always immaculately clean and crisp, making them a place you’d want to leave undisturbed. Instead of filling your tub with ordinary soaps and shampoos, why not invest in a designer bath tray? You could also use this tray to store your favorite aromatherapy products such as essential oils, bubble baths, and sea salts.

Invest in a plush, fluffy foot mat. Stack your favorite shower products, such as shower gels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, and body mists, in the shower. 

Don’t forget to choose soft, scuff-resistant bathroom mats in white or light colors like those used in hotels (think memory foam or tufted cotton rugs).

Install built-in cabinets and open vertical cabinets to make the bathroom less cluttered. Remember that the less stuff you leave out, the more stylish your space will appear. Put in a green plant to make the room feel more tropical. 

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