Four Reasons to Get Sliding Doors

We love to talk about openness and fluidity in modern architecture. It’s possible to achieve this with sliding doors. There is a sense of flow that swing doors can’t provide. Beautiful and elegant, they can also be versatile and space-saving.

  1. They offer flexibility.

Modern lifestyles work well with open-plan homes, but having the option to separate one area from another is also helpful.

Floor-to-ceiling doors can open or close off the butler’s kitchen and separate the kitchen/dining/living area from the rest of the house as needed.

So, instead of having two separate rooms for the children, you could create one big bedroom with an interconnecting sliding wall. While the children sleep on one side of the room, the other half can be a playroom. The playroom can also be used as a guest room if necessary.

  • They conserve space.

With sliding doors, you don’t have to worry about the amount of space taken up by the door’s arc when it opens and closes. With a matching interior and exterior sliding door, you can easily make the transition from indoors to outdoors.

A sliding door is an excellent option for tiny homes because it allows you to open up the space or isolate the two areas, depending on what you’re doing.

When you need complete privacy, you can close off a study from the rest of the house with sliding doors. Consider a slider if you need a door in a small area but don’t have the space for a separate room.

  • They create a flow.

Unlike swinging doors, which require moving into the room to do their work, sliding doors allow for smoother transitions between rooms thanks to their ability to open up additional space without doing so. Sliding doors can create more flow between rooms if the opening is large enough.

There is no need to avoid sliding doors because of their appearance. The tracks can be hidden by recessing the door hardware into the door frame. This makes the door look more seamless and frees up valuable wall space.

Most sliding door hardware can run along the top without requiring a track that interrupts traffic between adjacent rooms. For heavy doors, make sure your door hardware can handle the weight. Ensure you get it right the first time.

  • They let light into the house.

Sliding doors not only keep traffic flowing, but they also allow you to create a divider between two rooms without completely blocking the light from the other room.

Seek out sliding glass doors or frosted or seeded glass doors if you want light but don’t want the full visual connection.

Open sliding doors between kitchens and dining and living areas create a large room that everyone can use. However, if you want to spend time with your guests but haven’t finished the dishes, you can close off the kitchen.

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