6 Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

Modular kitchen items can be changed to fit different ways of cooking and to make smart storage. They ensure that your kitchen is clean, organized, and easy to use, making cooking a joy.

Before renovating a modular kitchen, choose the accessories.

Here are six accessories that will make the most of every inch of your kitchen and make it as efficient as possible.

1.    Cutlery organizer

It’s easier to find what you’re looking for in a hurry if you have cutlery organizer trays in your drawer. This kitchen accessory has a variety of compartments that can hold spoons, forks, knives, tongs, and other kitchen utensils. Try not to put a cutlery drawer next to a cooking hob because you’ll have to open and close it all the time to get things out.

2.    Tall units

If you have the space, make room for a tall cabinet in your kitchen. Use it to store non-perishable food items like flour, sauces, and rice. Because of its height, this accessory can provide the most storage space. It has storage on the doors and inside to keep things neat and easy to reach.

3.    Pull-out baskets

Use drawers of varying depths to accommodate deep and shallow pull-out baskets. Some pull-out baskets have organizers for plates and cutlery. The contents of these pull-outs can be seen in their entirety because they open down the middle. Do not overload the basket pull-outs; each has a specific loading capacity. Excess weight can cause the drawers to sag over time if they are not adequately aligned. 

4.    Bottle pull-outs

Bottle pull-outs are a great addition to a modular kitchen because they make the most of small spaces. Install two or three deep, narrow shelves that can hold bottles of seasonings, cooking oils, sauces, and other similar cooking ingredients. Put them near the stove so you can quickly access them while cooking. 

5.    Corner Unit 

In L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens, corner units can be designed to make the most of the space in the corners. Most traditional Indian kitchen designs don’t utilize these corners because they are difficult to access and design practical cabinets for in these areas. Storage and access to corners are made possible by specially designed corner units that slide into and out of place. 

6.    Under-sink accessories

Because of the sink’s depth and the presence of a plumbing pipe, there is very little room beneath it (to connect the sink to the waste pipes). In addition, spills from the dustbin (located on the floor) and water and food spills from the sink during utensil cleaning make this a dirty and messy spot.

Close off the area under the sink with a cabinet door.

Racks or other under-sink accessories can be used to store your cleaning supplies and kitchen towels for daily use, so take advantage of this space.

To keep the floor area free, sanitary, and clean, install a dustbin holder inside the cabinet door that can hold the garbage bag.

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