A Wardrobe Guide for Him and Her

It’s essential to have well-organized storage to keep a closet free of clutter and easy to clean. If a his-and-hers closet works well in a couple’s bedroom, it should be made to fit the needs of the people who will use it.

What guidelines should I follow when planning the internal organization of a his-and-her wardrobe?

Men and women should have customized wardrobes that hold their respective clothes tidily.

Determine the length of the vertical hanger sections of the wardrobe based on the maximum length of your clothing, especially women’s dresses. 

Keep items like T-shirts, shirts, tops, accessories, purses, and so on multiple shelves with 12–15-inch gaps between each shelf.

Couples who share a closet may want to install a divider or sectioned drawers to make it easier to tell whose things are whose.

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When it comes to the basics, how big should his and her closets be?

All of their clothes and accessories should be easily accessible.

His wardrobe

Hanging formal shirts and pants requires a 40-inch minimum vertical height.

Shirts need a 24-inch wardrobe depth, while coats need 28 inches. Don’t hang coats with shirts because they’re wider. Coat sleeves will get caught in the door panels if this happens.

Store folded clothes on open shelves. There should be at least 12 inches of shelf depth for stacking shirts and at least 15 inches for sweaters.

Keep ties, belts, cufflinks, sunglasses, watches, and even socks organized in a shallow pull-out tray or drawer with inserts (square dividers), as shown in the image. The contents of the drawer will be visible thanks to this arrangement.

Her wardrobe

Hanging gowns and long dresses with a vertical clearance of 66 to 72 inches. Use velvet-covered hangers for the dresses.

A 40-inch-high vertical section is ideal for displaying your formal attire.

Store handbags upright in a designated handbag and purse storage area. To determine the shelf’s height, measure the bag’s maximum height.

Allow storage for folded casual clothing like shirts and jeans on open shelves. 12 to 15 inches between each one is a reasonable minimum distance.

Use a shallow tray with drawer inserts to neatly organize bangles, make-up, necklaces, belts, earrings, sunglasses, and watches. 

Is there a standard height for drawer sectionals in a his-and-hers wardrobe?

Think about using a 5-inch-high accessory drawer for storing things.

An 8-inch-high drawer is ideal for storing underwear and socks.

Drawers should be at least 12 inches high if you plan on storing winter sweaters, sweatshirts, or blankets.

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