This Is How You Win at Home Accessorizing: Designer Preeti Knowles tells how to find the right curio for the right place

Home accessories, like jewelry, offer that extra touch. According to Preeti Knowles, an interior designer based in Delhi, “William Morris’s remark comes to mind: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be helpful or believe to be beautiful.” So, rather than mindlessly following trends, always choose components that you like, and make sure they suit your house design.” Here are her wise words on taming the home-accessorizing beast.

“I feel it’s best to aim for less rather than more so that each piece can stand out on its own and the room doesn’t look too cluttered,” Knowles says of accessorizing.

– For Furnishing

A center, side, or coffee table may function as an accessory in and of itself. “I’ve utilized a huge solid wood board as a coffee table in my house,” Knowles explains. Apart from glass platters and coffee-table novels, Knowles proposes utilizing porcelain curios to decorate the surface. “Pick up some earthenware as well; they look lovely on the coffee table.” Your accessories might convey the story of your travels across the globe; they are mementos of your trips.”

– For the Ground

Consider vacant floor space while accessorizing your living room. “On the floor, ceramic pots look beautiful.” Indoor plants are popular for adding color and boosting air quality. These were highly trendy in the 1970s; there were many bonsais, tall palm plants, and bamboos in the living room – this style is returning. Wood carvings and stone sculptures are very attractive. “Just light them from the bottom so the object stands out right away,” Knowles adds.

-To Use On the Walls

“Similar-looking accessories or a cluster of frames in various shapes made of brass trimmings look well next to an empty stretch of wall or off-center,” adds Knowles.

She also suggests a bold wall color that can make a statement on its own. “Dark or lighter colors create a melancholy interior.” “Go for light pink or grey – these colors are extremely in right now,” Knowles advises.

Choose artwork that speaks to you and moves you. “I’ve never been one to choose works just because they were created by a renowned artist.” Art, in my opinion, should make you feel at ease. You may also choose eye-catching artwork on a topic that interests you,” Knowles says.

– For the Bedroom

“Because this is a calm, relaxing area, don’t throng it.” Place a handful of your favorite items here to make the atmosphere cozy and light.”

– For the Powder Room

“I believe a powder room would benefit from some plush and soft towels neatly coiled up in an open closet, a soap dispenser made of stone, bathroom plants, and a brilliantly colored or mother-of-pearl counter.” “Pebbles put beneath the sink or near the window look nice as well,” Knowles says.

She also believes that wicker baskets and candles might help to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere: “After all, this is a public lavatory; it should appear friendly.”

– For The Stairwell

A lovely pendant or chandelier may brighten and enliven the space. “Along the stairs, black-and-white family portraits or large landscape images look great.” Clusters of varied shaped mirrors or wood carvings also capture the eye,” Knowles explains.

– For Outdoor Use

Outdoor furniture choices abound, ranging from natural bamboo or jute to bright plastic or metal. Knowles advises hardwood seats and tables for a covered or shaded patio. “I know a lot of people want to keep this location clean, but the natural appearance of wood is unrivaled.”

“You can also arrange a cluster or a row of the same sort of plants that have a sculptural element to them, such huge palm plants or Mother-in-Tongue law’s (Sansevieria trifasciata or snake plant) to further accessorize this area,” Knowles suggests.

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