How to Make the Most of LED Strips?

A modern designer’s toolbox would not be complete without the use of LED strips. They can be used to add depth to your lighting, draw attention to a particular feature, highlight a display, set a different mood, and much more. But they’re frequently used in ultra-modern settings or as part of a sleek, glossy aesthetic. However, if you prefer a more subdued approach, keep reading for suggestions on how to make the most of this ingenious lighting technology.

– Make a halo

A soft glow beneath the worktop seating area adds to the welcoming feel of a clean-lined, modern kitchen.

Various shades of white LED lighting are available, from cool to warm. While brighter LEDs in contemporary kitchens may add a stylish lift to sharp edges, this gentle, warm white glow enhances depth and atmosphere.

– Renovate the attic

A room in a house’s attic will often have an interesting shape. The designer can emphasize the slopes instead of trying to hide them.

– Emphasize a special feature

Consider freshening up bare-bones rooms with new details.

An interesting way to add architectural interest without replicating period features is to add an accent panel to a wall, provided your space is not ridiculously small. This is especially helpful when adding on, converting a loft, or building a new house, all of which lack authenticity.

– Light up a display

Designers who pay attention to detail need the best backdrop for their collections.

There will be no distractions when using shelves painted the same color as your walls, which is a good idea if you want to show off your collection.

Box shelves on each side of the chimney breast are an elegant and unusual take on the low, built-in cabinet with alcove shelves. But adding LED strips to the top back of each box makes this a standout feature. This tip will help lift all kinds of shelves and cabinets, and an electrician can do it easily.

– Improve your bedhead

Just imagine a peaceful bedroom with a soft LED light at night… What a warm glow you’d get that would make you want to get close to your pillows. Even during the day, it looks pretty good, thanks to an LED strip behind the bed that shows off the shape of the wall space.

– Take it outdoors 

Illuminated foliage isn’t fussy and will look lovely with a few up-lighters to create a garden ambiance after dark. But if you want to create a cozy outdoor nook, you’ll need the help of an experienced lighting designer.

– Let your tiles shine brightly!

LED is often used in modern, shiny designs or homes with high-tech gadgets that you can control from your phone. All of that can be done in older homes, but LED strips make it much easier. They also look great with classic touches.

Shelves or niches built into the wall work well with a strip of light at the back. The light will show off their decorative features, not do work, so make sure you also add task lighting.

All bathroom fixtures will need to have an IP rating to be safe.

– Light your stairway

Stairs are easy to improve with LED lighting because there are so many parts that can be lit. Because the treads have a small overhang, there is a perfect place to put LED strips, which give each step a soft glow.

You should think about where the switch for these lights would be most useful and if you’ll need one on each landing.

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