How to Pick the right Chandelier?

Are you looking for some enlightening guidance about selecting a chandelier for your home?

Take into consideration the following pointers when looking for a fixture that will complement the aesthetic of your home, as well as the dimensions of the room it will be placed in.

Pick the Diameter of the Chandelier

When selecting a chandelier for most spaces, one general rule of thumb will help you choose a size:

width of room (in meters) + length of room (in meters) = diameter or width of chandelier (in centimeters).

So, if your room is 4 meters long by 3 meters wide, a 24-inch diameter chandelier would look appropriate (4 meters + 3 meters = 7 meters, which you convert to centimeters).

This is a general rule that will help you keep the size of your chandelier proportionate to the size of the room.

This rule, in my opinion, is best used as a starting point rather than a hard-and-fast rule, but it does help set a minimum size.

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If your lighting will be focused on a certain seating area instead of the whole room, use the length and width of that area instead of the length and width of the whole room.

Another method is to add the length of the light from the two nearest walls and then double it to get the approximate chandelier diameter in inches.

For instance, if the center of your seating area is 2 meters from one wall and 2.5 meters from the other, 2 meters + 2.5 meters equals 4.5 meters; 4.5 meters x 2 equals 9 meters, which you convert to inches.

As a result, a 76-centimeter-diameter fixture would be ideal.

Pick the Vertical Dimensions of the Chandelier

Now that you’ve determined the width and diameter of the fixture, you’ll need to define its vertical dimensions (not the height above the ground just yet, but the actual top-to-bottom size of the unit itself).

To determine the vertical dimension of a chandelier, take the room height (in meters) and multiply it by 2.5 to 3 to get a good range (in centimeters) for the light’s vertical proportions.

So, if your room has a 2.5-meter ceiling, your chandelier should be 20 to 24 inches tall from top to bottom. (2.5 meters x 2.5 equals 6 meters; 2.5 meters x 3 equals 7.5 meters).

A proportional fit of 63.5 to 76 centimeters is better for a 10-foot ceiling. 3 meters x 2.5 equals 7.5 meters ; 3 meters x 3 equals 9 meters. To get a range of 63.5 to 76  centimeters, convert to centimeters. And the higher the ceiling, the more you can err on the high side of that equation.

When it comes to the height of the chandelier above the floor, you’ll want to go at least 6 feet 6 inches so that no one bumps their head. Most spaces with a ceiling higher than 8 feet can benefit from a standard of 2 meters above the floor.

However, using the previous rule, you cannot fit a 50 to 61-centimeter light at this height with a standard 2.5-meter ceiling. Because of this, and because so many modern chandeliers do not use the same shapes as traditional chandeliers, I would say you can safely disregard the 2.5- to 3-times-height rule and focus solely on the width if your situation calls for it.

Hang the light 2.5 meters above the floor in rooms with very high ceilings (plus an additional foot if the room is taller than 3.5 meters). Lights that hang in tiers can also help fill the height while landing low enough to make the space below feel more intimate.

Keep in mind that a light fixture in an entryway with a more normal-height ceiling will have to avoid the door swing. Instead of a real chandelier in the foyer, you might want to use a small pendant or a flush-mount light.

Dramatic versus Subdued

When sizing a light, keep in mind that size isn’t the only consideration; you should also consider the other decor in the room. A room with busy wallpaper or other patterns will look good with a chandelier that has a lot of small details.

A room with mostly white walls or neutral colors will look better with a simpler, smaller light fixture.

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