What to Do When Your Ceiling is Low?

When a room has low ceilings, it can feel like there isn’t enough space. Because of how it’s built, you can’t raise the roof, but paying attention to color, style, and lighting can make the room feel bigger and make it look bigger than it is. Think about the following design ideas to make the ceiling look higher.

Try Pot Lights 

Pot lights are ceiling-mounted light fixtures with an empty orifice. A clever design trick for low-ceilinged rooms doesn’t protrude from the ceiling and doesn’t take up any more space. Reflector downlights in this modern living room with a low ceiling create the illusion of extra headroom. An accent floor lamp is used instead of a chandelier in this area because it would be hard to hang one.

There are also lights that are attached to the ceiling and leave little to no space between the light fixture and the ceiling.

Choose low-height furniture 

Low furniture height creates a sense of height by increasing the distance between the furniture and the ceiling. Low sofas, chairs, and tables add to the illusion of space in the living room.

Decorate the walls

Since you cannot decorate the ceiling, why not make the wall the center of attention? You can put a group of paintings or other art pieces in a vertical line to draw the eye up and give yourself more visual space. You can also do the trick by decorating the shelves and nooks.

Look into long windows and curtains

Investing in a few changes to the structure of the building can sometimes be a good idea. With a floor-to-ceiling window, even a tiny living room can look big. It brings the outside in and makes the space feel bigger.

Hanging curtains from the ceiling to the floor is another way to get around the low ceiling issue. Natural light and views from the full-length curtained window make the roof appear higher.

Use big mirrors   

Putting a big mirror on the wall is a great way to make it look like there is a window because it reflects light and gives the room a sense of depth. Convex mirrors have a slight curve at the top and bottom, which makes the person in the mirror look taller. Also, putting a mirror on the ceiling is a clever way to make it look like you are taller than you are. 

Try diagonal and vertical designs

Visible vertical lines on the walls instead of horizontal ones make it look like the room is taller. They help take your attention away from the low ceiling. A striped wall makes a small room feel taller.

Make it all white and luminous 

Dark colors tend to draw attention to limits and height. Painting a low ceiling bright white will make it look higher. In order to allow the maximum amount of light to enter, you can paint the shelves, walls, and ceilings white.

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