15 Best Interior Designers in Monaco

Monaco is a place where you can indulge in the finer things in life.

When it comes to buying or selling real estate in Monaco, content is just as important as style, just as it is in interior design and architecture.

The elegance of Monaco’s interiors is reflected in the presence of some of the world’s most prestigious interior designers and interior design services.

Come and learn about the top 15 interior designers in Monaco with us.

– Interior Treasures Monaco

Interior Treasures is a luxury interior design firm.

They have the knowledge and experience to perfectly capture their clients’ vision and lifestyle and transform it into a design that truly reflects their taste.

Interior-Treasures creates, builds, and installs custom projects all over the world. They produce exceptional interiors by combining visionary design, cutting-edge technology, meticulous attention to detail, and a great network of manufacturing partners.

The vision of Interior-Treasures has evolved, remaining true to itself while also being ambitious.

– Carte Blanche Design Monaco

Carte Blanche Design Monaco is a newcomer to the Monaco furniture scene, having opened its first showroom there in 2011. The company is based in the Principality of Monaco.

The work of this husband-and-wife design team is focused on residential properties such as spas and waterfront homes with yacht interiors, among other projects.

Tania Architecture D’intérieur

Tania Architecture, a Monaco-based interior design firm, works on a wide range of projects, from residential homes to commercial buildings.

They put their expertise in interior design to work for you, transforming challenges into opportunities.

 –  Kamil Interior Design

Established in Monaco over 30 years by Iranian-born interior decorator and architect Kamil, the company is known as Kamil Interior Design.

On projects ranging from private townhouses to villas, seafront penthouses, and yachts Kamil has a wide range of experience.

– Sabrina Monte-Carlo

Sabrina Monte-Carlo is a dynamic, modern design studio run by former fashion-industry expert Sabrina Monteleone. With a passion for fashion and fabrics, Sabrina is inspired by Mediterranean chic and has designed interiors not just for properties but for yachts and private jets too.

– Pazio Italiano

Italy, which is located just a few miles up the coast from Monaco, lends its natural flair and opulence to the interiors of Spazio Italiano’s stunning Riviera properties.

Monaco-inspired interior design for the affluent.

– Y&S Design World 

Two young Russian designers run Y&S Design World, an international design agency with a meeting office in Monaco.

Elegant interiors for private homes and apartments as well as stunning penthouses are created by the glamorous duo.

– Djandi Interior Design 

Once again, a long-standing Monaco design firm, Djandi Interior Design, has been in business for more than three decades.

From a 1930s mansion to a futuristic LED chromotherapy lightbox, designer and owner Carol Djandi has done it all.

– Mclaren Interiors 

The Monaco office of McLaren Interiors is part of the UK-based McLaren Group and specializes in contemporary and classic designs.

The company also designs and manufactures custom furniture for the luxury market.

– Serénité Luxury Monaco

As far back as 2066, Sérénité Luxury Monaco has been working to elevate contemporary furniture, create a fully modular design, and discover the best options for all of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

– Humbert & Poyet

In 2007, they decided to join forces to create the Humbert & Poyet agency in the Principality. Thirteen years later, this young duo is among the finest in Monaco: restaurants such as Beefbar or Song Qi, showrooms, offices, villas, apartments, and hotels. In Monaco always, but also in Paris, Berlin, London, Mexico City, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

– Luxe Chic & Decoration

High-level requirements, constrained achievements, and a budget established by the client are all areas of expertise for Luxe Chic & Decoration.

Ultimately, a quality renovation does not cost much more, and their professional expertise enables clients who want to maintain a certain status to profit from their real estate investment.

– Casamanara 

There are no predetermined parameters or stylistic dogmas at Casamanara; instead, the free exchange of ideas and a sincere desire to understand the needs of each individual are combined to produce creative proposals that are tailored to the individual.

Harmony and confidence can help bring some clarity to a world of endless options.

– Rr Interiors Monaco

Assisting and guiding customers from the beginning of a project to its completion, RR Interiors Monaco has an extensive network of suppliers and master craftsmen who can turn even the most complex ideas into reality.

– Monaco Project

At Monaco Project, we have a long history of successful renovation and construction projects in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur, and we offer a complete turnkey management service for your project management needs.

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