Is it difficult for you to decide what to wear because your closet is a disaster?

Do you covet Christian Louboutin collections displayed on custom shoe racks and across from color-coded wardrobes? Even if you have a small closet, you can get ideas from the closets featured in celebrity home features.

Here’s how to spruce up your wardrobe with style.

  1. Sort everything into four piles: keep, repair, donate, and toss.

If your closet can only hold one season’s worth of clothing at a time, sort your “keep” pile and set aside off-season items to store elsewhere.

Without hesitation, toss anything that has ever made you feel fat into the “donate” pile.

Closet designer Lisa Adams suggests keeping a permanent “donate” container in the closet so that when you try something on and realize you’ll never wear it again, you can toss it in and forget about it.

  1. While it’s empty, consider what you need to store and how much space you have.

It’s possible that a trip to your favorite home decor store for some racks, baskets, or drawer units is in order.

  1. Upgrade your lighting

Most likely, you have a bulb light or a really boring flush-mount ceiling fixture.

Recessed lighting was used in this instance.

Replace it with a small chandelier, a jazzier flush-mount, or a drum pendant if you have the space.

I bought a chandelier on sale to replace the drab light in my closet, and it makes me feel like a celebrity.

Just make sure to consult with an electrician to ensure that the lighting you choose is safe and up to code.

  1. Install a full-length mirror.

There’s no better way to try on outfits and see how they look if you have a walk-in.

  1. Display some inspirational artwork

I like to hang my favorite Bazaar and Vogue magazine covers of style icons (for example, Natalie Portman wearing Audrey Hepburn’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” LBD on the cover of Bazaar) in inexpensive drugstore frames.

Purchase a book of Manolo Blahnik’s shoe drawings and cut out your favorites to frame.

  1. Cover the closet in wallpaper

Even if you have a small closet, wallpapering the back wall is a pleasant surprise when you push the clothes aside.

It’s also an excellent way to use up any leftover rolls from another project.

If you don’t have the patience for wallpapering, paint the inside of the closet a fun but impractical color like lavender or turquoise that you’ve always liked.

  1. Get rid of wire hangers.

Most dry cleaners will gladly recycle them for you.

If you’re short on space, Home Goods usually has thin fabric-covered hangers that are far superior to wire or plastic.

  1. Arrange your clothes from lightest to darkest by type, then by color.

You should now have a good idea of how much room is left for accessories.

  1. Store scarves, belts, socks, undies, and flip-flops in matching baskets or boxes.

Each one should be labeled and stacked.

When it comes to flip-flops specifically, display boxes are highly recommended by professional closet organizers.

They can be stacked to save room, eliminating the need for the hideous over-the-door pocket shoe organizers that made Carrie Bradshaw cringe.

  1. Create a plan for storing and retrieving your jewelry.

Necklace and bracelet hooks are one option. Earrings can also be displayed on a bulletin board or framed screen.

  1. You’ve got this. Now tackle the door

Put on some new paint and a fancy handle. The glitzy look of glass knobs is timeless. If you’re still feeling ambitious, paint the door trim and install a knocker if you haven’t already.

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