How to Introduce a Touch of French Country Charm into Your Space?

The easygoing atmosphere of what could be called the “typical” French country style is a major factor in the style’s enduring popularity. Stone, wood, and cotton are just some of the high-quality, all-natural materials that are the hallmark of this look, which is focused on durability and harmony.

These beautiful pictures should give you a lot of ideas, whether you want to give your whole house a French country look or just add a few French touches here and there.

  1. Use several sheets to create a cozy blanket.

The most important element of a bed is dressed in simple fabrics for a French country look and feel. When paired with white sheets and cozy blankets, gingham, or “Vichy” as it is known in France, is a timeless option.

Bringing it back to reality, you could go to the local village market with a basket in hand to pick up some antique embroidery, or you could do your shopping online and add it to your virtual shopping bag.

  1. You should go shopping for some French literature

Certain pieces, like this elaborate armoire, give any room an instant air of French opulence. The good news is that if you’re interested in purchasing furniture with a French flair, you won’t have to spend days driving around rural France in search of an original (although that might sound like heaven).

Look for cabriole legs and scalloped carvings that are reminiscent of the 18th century but have a simple pastel paint job.

  1. Try a style that combines practicality and elegance.

If you’re sick of your home’s frilly decor, a functional kitchen with a French twist could be just the thing to shake things up. The freestanding furniture and the lighting that looks like it came from an industrial factory are a nice contrast to the softer touches.

Whether finished with white grout or, as in this French country kitchen, grey grout, Metro tiles are a fuss-free design that offers practicality and a clean look. With the addition of a large farmhouse table and some open shelving, any kitchen can be transformed into a chic space fit for a master chef. Garçon!

  1. Integrate organic materials

The elegance of French country decor comes from its understated simplicity. The individual components aren’t particularly high-end or pricey, but they create a stunning whole when put together. Wooden cabinets and surfaces, woven cane chairs, linen drapes, hand-laid tiles, and a porcelain sink are all signatures of this style. It’s true that sometimes a straightforward approach is the most effective.

  1. Combining new with old is step number five

Even if your non-French, non-farmhouse isn’t brimming with priceless heirlooms, you can achieve the look and feel of effortless cool by incorporating a variety of vintage pieces. Setting off fancy pieces like these gilded chairs with simple linen curtains and bedding is key to getting the laid-back vibe this design scheme is going for.

  1. Exposed a rough endpoint

Exposed beams and painted brick, for example, go a long way toward achieving that relaxed French country vibe. Although few people actually get to enjoy such architectural features, you can give your house a similar raw appearance.

Use a color scheme of soft driftwood tones and investigate distemper paints for their chalky, airy finish. Avoid covering up hardwood or stone floors with anything other than an occasionally worn rug. Cover your window frames in faded cotton voile for a vintage look.

  1. Stylish Shutters, Number Seven

Wooden shutters are both useful and nice to look at. They make me think of people on vacation, walking barefoot from window to window with a cup of café au lait. Choose full-height, plantation-style shutters like these for privacy and insulation, with the option to open fully or just slant the louvres. Shutters with traditional solid wood frames or half-height louvres are two other options.

  1. Set up a social atmosphere

One of the best parts of a vacation is having more time on your hands to unwind and spend time with loved ones, free from the usual distractions of work and television.

Look at the layout of your living space and make adjustments to make it more social, perfect for evenings spent chatting with friends over a glass of merlot. Arrange the seating so that everyone is facing each other, and use lamps both on the tables and on the floor to set a mood.

Throws should be placed in a way that makes it easy for guests to feel at home, and a stack of firewood should be close by for the most convenience.

  1. Realize the value of simplicity

Because they aren’t usually occupied year-round, vacation homes have a more Spartan appearance than those with permanent residents. It will be simpler to achieve this stylish austerity if you pare down your possessions. If that isn’t an option, try to limit the number of items on display to your absolute favorites.

The polished floor, steel island, and stone walls of this high-end French kitchen are what really make it shine, not the over-the-top decor.

  1. Strive for understated sophistication

Even though we aim for the design to have an air of serendipity about it, a single showpiece can take a space from drab to dazzling. Always be on the lookout for functional fixtures and furniture that also add that certain something, like this lovely pendant light.

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