Non classifié(e)HOW TO SPLIT 1 ROOM INTO 2?


Ideas to Make One Room into Two

Have you ever wished you could create an extra room in your house to serve as a home office, media room, or even just a relaxing area? A small home with few bedrooms can still be multifunctional, but it’s all about creating zones within the existing space. You don’t need to hire a contractor to add an extra room to your home if you have a few creative ideas of your own. 

Here are some tips on how to divide a single room into two.

Invest in a decorative screen

Intricate carvings and contemporary metal patterns can add character and function to a room. In order to avoid disrupting the overall look of your room, choose a screen with delicate fretwork.

In order to achieve an ultra-modern look that divides your space in two, consider investing in a modern metal room divider. You don’t need to go huge when you have a bold design. 

You can add embellishments that match the rest of your room’s decor to your design to make it look fancier.

Use different levels   

In place of partitions and screens, consider creating various proper levels in your room. For example, a split-level playroom like this one can easily fit in a child’s bedroom. In a children’s room, though, safety should always come first. 

When a bed is placed on an elevated platform, it can be seen as a place to sleep, and the lower level can be used for other things.

Set up a glass wall

If you want to divide a room without reducing the amount of light and space, glass doors are a great option. Floor-to-ceiling lighting is an excellent method to create a brilliant transition between rooms in your home. Choose sliding doors that can be pushed all the way back for a consistent look.

Accept accordion doors 

Folding accordion doors allow you to create a huge, uninterrupted space by folding your divider to the wall. Additionally, they are a stylish complement to any room, making a subtle style statement.

Install a shelf unit

A simple shelving unit, open or closed, is a great way to give your room a new look and make it more useful. By putting your unit between your two rooms, you can create a sense of separation and make the most of the storage and display space inside the unit.

 If you want to be able to see between your zones, an open unit is a good choice. However, if you wish to separate your zones, a closed unit can help transform each area into an isolated, private hideaway.

Use Curtains

To separate an area without investing in your walls, use curtains. Make a space feel more spacious by using translucent drapes to divide it into zones.

Find a sculptural piece for your home

Even if you don’t think about it, almost everything may be used to separate rooms. A clever room separator can even strike a balance between beauty and functionality. You can use non-traditional accents like statues, handicrafts, and odd furnishings as both a way to divide your space and a showpiece.

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