How to Set Stylish Table Lamps to Light Up Your Space?

Lighting, like paint, is unquestionably one of the most transformative design elements in any room. It has the ability to change our moods with the flick of a switch, influencing our senses with its visual deception. Aside from providing dazzling illumination, lighting can also add critical scale and drama to a space by drawing your attention to its design elements. This optical trick can result in a richly layered sanctuary that is flooded with light. We curated a list of the best table lamps to light up your space in style to assist you in creating this decorative alchemy at home. But first, some pointers to help you find the best one.

1. Determine the Goal
While we want every aspect of our homes to be beautiful, they also need to be functional. So, first and foremost, you must configure the positioning and purpose of your table lamp: What type of lighting do you require for that area? What design will add to the overall look of the room? How will the lighting contribute to the mood and tone? Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll have a foundation to start your search for the best table lamp for your needs.

2. Take Measures
After you’ve determined its purpose and placement, measure the plateau where it will reside: atop a side table, nightstand, desk, etc. Then, measure the height of the space to ensure that the lamp you buy fits within that range. You don’t want to take it home only to discover that the shade is too tall and obscures the artwork behind it.

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3. Experiment with Scale
Nothing beats playing with scale in a room, but you can also do it with lighting to create a radiant focal point. As an example, Athena combined a thin, curved wrought-iron base with a petite vintage rattan lampshade. There is always room for experimentation, so don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find the perfect formula for your space.

4. Disrupt the Visual Plane
You should never have your furniture and objects on the same level, and the same goes for your lighting. You want your lighting to contribute to that visual exploration, making the space feel rich and layered. Place your table lamps on different surfaces to add verticality and a tiered effect that amps up the optical inquiry.

5. Have Some Fun With It
While fusing eras, styles, or designs in lighting can be intimidating, when done correctly, there is so much beauty in the mix. Combine a traditional shade with a modern base, use a metal shade with holes to create a pattern on the wall, or use an exposed bulb or a paper lantern to differentiate the lighting throughout your space—embracing decorative alchemy is fun and can really make your home sing.

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