Which Paint Should You Use?

Choosing the right paint is as important as picking the right color when painting a home. Paints can be water-based acrylic or oil-based enamel, but there are also many finishes that can change a room’s look. Choosing from the many paint options on the market can be difficult. Here’s everything you need to decide.

  1. High-quality acrylic wall and ceiling paint

Acrylic paints are quick-drying, durable, and resistant to peeling, flaking, and cracking in extreme weather and temperatures.

Choose antimicrobial paints to protect walls from fungal growth. These paints contain anti-yellowing agents to prevent fading. Choose odorless, chemical-free, eco-friendly, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products.

For a good paint finish, smooth the surface. Repair all wall holes and cracks with POP. Priming seals, the walls and provides a good paint base.

  1. High-and mid-sheen room emulsions

Velvet, satin, and silk emulsions are elegant interior paints. High-or mid-sheen finishes are smooth, washable, and reflect light to enhance radiance.

Wipe walls with a damp cloth every three months to maintain their shine.

Asian Paints’ Royale Aspira emulsion has a five-year warranty against flaking, peeling, fading, and fungal growth. Consider flame-resistant paint for a fire-proof home.

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  1. Low-sheen ceiling paints

I recommend low-sheen (or matte) ceiling paint. Combining direct and indirect lighting may cause light reflections to bounce around the room. This will distract and highlight ceiling flaws. Consider Royale (normal) or Apcolite premium emulsion.

  1. Deep-colored matte paint

Matte paint absorbs light and works well with deep wall colors. Such paints hide dents, patches, and nail holes on poorly-finished walls. Matte-finish paints aren’t easy to clean, so choose washable paints.

Some paints, like Royale Matte, can’t be burnished, so rubbing or cleaning won’t make the walls look patchy.

  1. Bathroom/kitchen semi-gloss paint

Semi-gloss paints are ideal for moisture and humidity-prone bathrooms and kitchens.These finishes are shiny and fungal-resistant.

This paint’s stain-guard technology prevents stains from penetrating and makes cleaning easy.

In high-humidity areas, paints with water-beading technology prevent water from penetrating walls and rolling down as beads.

  1. Wood and metal paint with a high gloss finish

Higher shine means longer-lasting paint. High-gloss paints are durable, lustrous, and easy to clean. This finish works on wood, metal, and walls.

Choose acrylic enamels over solvent-based enamels, which may contain harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can be inhaled.

  1. Kid-friendly paints

How about kid-friendly wall paints? This is great for homes with scribblers.

Asian Paints has introduced products with a teflon surface protector to strengthen walls. It protects walls from stubborn stains and makes removing marks easy.

Let kids draw on a chalkboard-painted wall.

  1. Weather-coat exterior paint

Exterior painting options are plentiful. Modern paints have silicone additives to give them water resistance and external protection. Look for products like SmartCare Crack Seal with crack-bridging technology to extend the life of paint.

The use of nanomaterials as a paint ingredient is a technological breakthrough. Each coat of paint contains densely packed molecules and weather-resistant nanoparticles. Nanotechnology is used to create thermal insulating paints that reduce heat penetration.

Another is dust-guard innovation. The surface prevents dust from settling and keeps the building looking clean.

Some paints’ high carbonation resistance protects building members from corrosion.

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