Minecraft Interior Design Tips

Minecraft’s gameplay has kept players coming back with each new update. For some, surviving as long as possible or beating the Ender Dragon motivates them. Others dream of building and maintaining a woodsy home.

Minecraft players can build anything they can imagine. When playing survival with limited resources, it can be hard to know how to decorate the inside to their liking. Several tricks can keep a house both pretty and functional.

-Use stairs as tables and counters

A stair is preferable to a regular block for use as a kitchen counter or coffee table. The small space beneath the surface gives the surface a more defined shape and makes the player feel less crowded. When designing furniture, stairs are an excellent way to mix up the shapes in a room.

-Use craft blocks

1.14 added more crafting tables and blocks than previous versions. Some people found the change exciting, while others found it perplexing. However, as a player progresses to more complex crafting, their workspace will improve.

Whether used or not, blast furnaces in a smeltery, smokers in a kitchen, or fletching and cartography tables in a workshop can make a room look more fleshed out.

-Use wood and Different materials

Mixing woods can prevent a house from looking flat, blocky, or monotonous. The exterior of most houses affects the interior in many ways, including wood color.

Using logs as indoor pillars, terracotta tiles in the kitchen, or oak and spruce planks together will make the house feel more alive.

-Lanterns and chains make good lights

Indoor lighting can be tricky, especially if the player wants admirable lighting. Lanterns are great for players who are tired of torches or want a ceiling fixture. 

Lanterns are small, attractive, and can be placed on flat surfaces or hung from ceilings. They also provide more light than a torch. Lanterns are worth buying. Once a player has enough iron, lanterns are worth buying.

-Increase ceilings

Low ceilings are required with ender men loose in case eye contact goes wrong. Higher ceilings, ideally four blocks, are best in areas where decoration is a priority. This allows players to place chests, cauldrons, and other crafting tools on the floor and ceiling while still seeing through windows and placing wall decorations. It’s also a good idea to leave room for ceiling lights.

-Use bookshelves when in doubt

Bookshelves are perfect for making a Minecraft home feel lived in when it’s hard to tell what’s missing. Bookshelves are the ideal decoration block for players with an easy supply of leather who want a colorful home.

-Replace chests with barrels

Chests are the best for storing capacity. When decorating a Minecraft base, don’t rely solely on chests. Barrels can have items on top of them and still work, allowing more room for brewing stands or upper cabinets. While barrels only hold as much as a small chest, they can fit in smaller spaces and even under stairs, making them a better storage option than many realize.

-Not All Signs Are Written

This trick is popular among Minecraft players looking for furniture. A pair of blank stairwell signs make an excellent armchair or sofa. Creative players can add texture to a wall, create designs with dye, or label items around the house. Signs add a subtle touch of detail that keeps a house from feeling empty.

-Make barrel and door closets

Players who want more stylish storage can use barrels. Hollowing out a wall for a closet is a great way to increase home storage. To fit a layer of barrels behind the door, all closets must be at least two blocks deep. When stacked, two barrels can hold as much as a large chest, but they take up less space on the ground.

-Create interesting floors

A good floor is one of the easiest ways to make a room or house feel interesting. It’s difficult to go wrong with a well-made floor, whether it’s carpet, slabs, or a mix of woods. If wood isn’t appropriate, use bricks, polished, or chiseled blocks in the same material to add texture and detail.

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