French Decorating Ideas

Learn some of the smart design tricks popular in France and see how French style can improve your interior.

Here are some things that the French do when they remodel, and you may want to use some of them in your next project.

Introduce color into your life

Purchasing a home to later resell it isn’t particularly French. As a result, when they buy a home, they tend to see renovations as a way to personalize it and make it their own. They don’t remodel or decorate their homes to sell them, so they don’t think about the market. They simply want to be happy. It’s no surprise that this leads to more private areas with bold colors.

If you plan to stay in the same house for a long time, why not embrace color instead of sticking to neutrals? If you are unsure, you may want to stick to reversible items such as paint and wallpaper.

Forget about limiting yourself to your living space. Even in wet rooms, where white is often the rule, bright colors can work. Natural light is the best way to brighten up your room.

Start with a small room like your walk-in closet and see if you like the bold colors before moving on to a larger area. A little sprucing up in these areas can have a profound effect on your mood and even your color confidence.

Allow yourself a semi-open space

While open-concept living has been popular for a few years, it is not for everyone. Not everyone enjoys living with kitchen appliances. Not everyone enjoys the smells and noise of the kitchen while trying to play the piano or watch TV. Not everyone enjoys not being able to cool or heat their home conveniently without going overboard.

Verrieres – glass walls that allow light to pass through but can also be closed off if necessary – have been a huge hit in France for the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Despite their usefulness, they’ve come to be admired as much for their aesthetic value as for their functionality, and they can even serve as an architectural central focus in a bland room.

Love all the little details

In old French homes, where space is often tight and awkward, you have to be creative. Not only do many older homes not have enough storage space, but they also have uneven walls, floors, and other things that make it hard to use standard storage solutions.

It’s time to look closely at your own home. Do you need some shelves in your home? You could also try putting shallow kitchen cabinets under the window. Small bookcase under kitchen island?

If you want a minimalist look, choose a finish that matches your walls so the storage doesn’t stand out. For a wild look, embrace the not-quite-right. Use a different color to emphasize the pattern’s irregularity.

Add some light

Natural light is a big deal in France, for many reasons. Additionally, it improves mood and makes a room appear larger; cleaner; healthier; and more appealing. For those who can’t add another window or share a wall with their neighbor, what are their options when their home is pitch-black? Take a look around you!

France has been using skylights for more than 50 years. Since the French started turning their attics into extra living/sleeping spaces or separate apartments, the demand for roof windows has grown by a factor of ten.

Skylights now come with double or triple-glazed insulation, roller shutters, or block-out c, curtains, as well as electricity, manual operation, solar-powered panels, or permanent panels.

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