Tips from “Small Spaces” By Azby Brown: Old but Gold

We came across the book “Small Spaces” which was written by Azby Brown and first published by Kodansha International in 1993. You can find ageless ideas and projects related to how to make use of small spaces.

Among the many awe-inspiring topics Brown covers is the interior design and construction of homes and other buildings in the Western tradition. Cultural norms (such as sitting on the floor versus sitting on sofas) play a part in defining spaces, but not as much as they used to. Whether or not you’re confined to a small dwelling, we hope you’ll find some inspiration in the following suggestions.

A Minimalist way of thinking

Minimalism does not imply an absence of possessions. Alternatively, you can think of it as maintaining order by removing clutter. Thus, a great way to declutter a space is to equip it with a great deal of storage space, especially storage that can be quickly accessed.

Living low

Sitting on the floor or sleeping on futons on the floor are two of Brown’s methods that are likely to meet the most resistance in the West. However, as this Greek apartment demonstrates, such a strategy is more of an individual choice than anything to do with the local culture. Wooden strips wind their way into benches and flooring all over the living area, creating nooks and crannies in which to relax.

Accommodating the outdoors

Even though adding an outdoor area reduces the amount of usable indoor space, it greatly improves the quality of the interior by letting in natural light and creating a connection to nature, whether that nature is a tree, some plants, or the sky above.

Mobile storage

Casters are a fantastic addition to furniture that will be moved regularly or to furniture that will be moved occasionally. The foreground storage unit slides easily under the island but can be rolled out to make room for a second diner or relocated to serve as a side table or other purpose.

Under the stairs space

The space under the stairs is a prime example of wasted space that can be put to better use as a storage area or even a desk. It’s possible to utilize the space in and under the stairs in several different ways: Stairs with built-in storage, such as drawers in the riser faces, hinged treads, and side drawers, shelves, or cabinets.

Convertible and multipurpose pieces

The desire for items to serve multiple purposes goes hand in hand with the need for versatile layouts in confined areas. In this regard, the futon is a common piece of furniture that many people have owned, most likely soon after graduating from university. The futon is the simplest form of convertible and multipurpose furniture, functioning as a bed at night and a couch during the day. An intriguing piece is shown here: Wheels, storage space, and what could be cowhide protruding from its underside.

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