Which Paint Goes Where in Your House?

Choosing the proper paint for the job is just as crucial as picking the right color when repainting a house. Not only are there water-based acrylic and oil-based enamel paints, but there are also a wide variety of finishes that can be applied to paint that can completely transform a room’s appearance. There are so many different kinds of paint out there that making a streamlined list of what you need can feel like an overwhelming task.

Please don’t fret; I’ve provided you with every piece of data you’ll need to make a wise choice.

Acrylic paints are the best for walls and ceiling

Acrylic paints are a popular choice for home use because they dry quickly, last a long time, and don’t peel, flake, or crack, even in harsh climates.

To prevent walls from getting dark spots caused by fungal growth, it’s best to use paints with antimicrobial properties. In addition to preventing the paint from fading over time, the non-yellowing agents found in these products also keep them from turning yellow. Choose products with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that don’t harm the environment (volatile organic compounds).

Emulsions in both high and medium sheen levels for rooms

Paints with names like “velvet,” “satin,” and “silk emulsions” are some of the most popular options for decorating the inside of a home because of their luxurious appearance. The high or medium sheen finish is easy to clean and gives off more light than it would in a matt finish. Every three months, you should give the walls a good wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain their luster.

Matte paint for walls with dark colors

Matte finishes are great for rooms with dark walls because they are non-reflective and tend to absorb light. This type of paint is great for covering up blemishes on walls that were poorly finished, such as dents, patches, and nail holes.

If you want to paint with a matte finish but don’t want the hassle of cleaning it, I recommend looking into washable options.

When walls are painted with Royale Matte, which has better burnish resistance, they don’t get holes as quickly when they are scrubbed or cleaned often.

For bathrooms and kitchens, semi-gloss paint is best

Bathrooms and kitchens, which are constantly subjected to moisture and humidity, are ideal environments for semi-gloss paints. These coatings are resistant to fungal growth and have a glossy appearance.

These paints feature an improved stain-guard technology that keeps stains from penetrating the surface and makes cleanup a breeze.

Paints that are easy to clean for kids’ rooms

Consider using washable paint in children’s bedrooms. If your kids have a habit of drawing on the walls, this is a brilliant idea for stopping the damage.

Many manufacturers now offer products coated with Teflon, which significantly increases the durability of the exterior. It prevents marks from becoming permanent on the wall and makes cleaning the surface simple.

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