Art Deco: Themes and Material

This throwback to the 1920s may be the best option if you prefer designs that are ornate and adorned with jewels. In the 1920s, art deco became the most popular style, and when it was used in interior design, it made people think of luxury right away.

The grandiose statements of geometry, symmetry, and metallics evoke visions of Great Gatsby-esque design, with a sleek and shiny patina providing the utmost in decadence. And the updated art deco style of today is a great way to stand out because it is both playful and cutting edge.


Art deco architecture and decorating ideas emphasize the use of geometric and organic forms. Designs featuring laurels of leaves, branches, and feathers with stylized animal elements like a bird sculpture or a Chinoiserie fish are essential for a modern art deco interior design. In the living room, black feathers on white or cream wallpaper would be a stunning accent, while in the bedroom, a tiger or zebra print rug would be right at home. The boldness of both of these claims is immediately noticeable, but again, breaking with tradition is a central tenet of this aesthetic.

Art deco also features prominent geometric patterns because the year 1920 was a time of increased industrialization and these patterns symbolized a new era. You should decorate your space with geometric shapes, such as trapezoids, chevrons, and zigzags, which should appear both blatantly and subtly. Art Deco fan-shaped mirrors are a great example of symmetry that can be achieved through the use of sharp angles; they add a touch of class and boldness to any art deco space.

Opulent Materials

Art deco interiors are known for their everyday glitz thanks to the use of glossy, reflective materials. This design aesthetic makes heavy use of metals like gold, silver, steel, and chrome. They can be used anywhere for a touch of class and sophistication. Envision a geometric rug in black, gold, and white on a glass-topped gold coffee table with chrome lamps that evoke the spirit of the art deco era. Glass is another popular art deco material. It is often used to make mirrors, tables with glass tops, sculptures, vases, and lamps.

Although wood may not be the first material that comes to mind when thinking of this style, rare and dark woods such as ebony were frequently used for furniture and flooring. Symbolic art deco patterns were honored with inlaid wooden furniture. Remember that this era was all about ostentatious extravagance and that the materials you used in your room design were a perfect way to display prestige, so deluxe materials like marble are also common in rooms of this style.


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