How to Design Your Minecraft Bedroom?

A bedroom is a place of refuge, privacy, and peace in every house. There, we can relax after a long day with our closest possessions and get a good night’s sleep. Even though you can make a bed in Minecraft (using three wools and three wooden planks), you can still have a great time furnishing your bedroom with other items.

  • Dresser: To keep our clothing, accessories, and other items of clothing in one place, we use a dresser. In Minecraft, you can stack two long chests to create a dresser that also serves its intended purpose. When you put two chests next to each other, the amount of storage space you have and the length of the chest are both increased by a factor of two.
  • Closet: Closet space is another practical component of a bedroom. In Minecraft, you can construct a closet for aesthetic purposes or to store chests and other items. One block deep and two blocks up on the bedroom wall will do for the closet. If you’d like, you can expand the dimensions of the closet to make it deeper, wider, or even walk-in. Putting stained glass panels around a door or window can make it look like there is a colorful curtain there.
  • Desk: You can construct a desk at which to conduct your vital Minecraft business. A simple desk can be made by placing two fence posts next to each other and topping them with wooden pressure plates or wood slabs, just like the tables in the living room. You could also use carpet and a wooden trap door set up between two anvils. Even though the desk serves no practical purpose, it is a handsome addition to the sleeping quarters all the same.

Now we are going to present three bedroom Types that you can add to your Minecraft experience:

Closed Bedroom

The Closed Bedroom is a warm and relaxing Minecraft interior made out of only wooden blocks.

You can keep your swords and other supplies in the well-designed drawers that line the perimeter of the room. You can spruce up the area with some potted plants as decorations on top of cabinets and give the room the feel of a more natural setting without sacrificing the functionality of the furniture.

The bedroom’s enclosed bed, located in the room’s far corner, blends in almost unnoticeably with the skinned log walls thanks to their checkered pattern. In this warm and inviting bedroom, small touches like lamps and plants create a relaxing atmosphere.


This contemporary bedroom’s cutting-edge design recalls the sleek aesthetic of a city loft apartment.

While shaders deserve most of the credit, the materials required to replicate this one-of-a-kind Minecraft bedroom design are worthy of praise as well. This room has many convenient amenities, such as a vanity mirror, a flat-screen television, and a comfortable sofa on which to relax.

Modern and estate-like, this building has it all. The blinds, the gilded light fixtures, and the occasional bouquet all add to the nice vibe.


Have you ever wished you had a bedroom that extended out over a more public area of your home? The next best thing to having it happen in Minecraft, if it can’t happen in real life, is probably having it happen in Minecraft.

With its sophisticated layout, the loft bedroom will quickly become one of your favorite places to spend quiet time. In addition to a luxurious king-size bed and beautiful shelving all around, you also have your very own closet full of armor to change into before heading out on the next day of adventures.


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