A List of 14 Space-Saving Storage Solutions

“Everything has a place in my apartment,” said no one. Ever. Apartments do not typically feature built-in storage space like attics or basements. Instead, you must use your wits to maximize the room you have, whether that’s through the strategic placement of fixtures, storage pieces, or other means. Here are some ideas for how to make room for your growing collection of things without making your living space smaller overall.

Here is a List of 14 Space-Saving Storage Solutions

Try bedside cabinets

Replace traditional nightstands with storage cabinets on either side of the bed. It doubles storage space. You can add more storage space by putting shelves or drawers behind your headboard.

Create functional headboards

If you are short on space, using a headboard as extra storage is a great idea. This one-of-a-kind piece of furniture is both a headboard and a nightstand. It can also hold books. It’s not hard to imagine that the other side has just as much storage space, if not more, with a clothes rack and shelves.

A draw-out from a bed with a similar design can serve in place of the mattress for sleeping guests or as storage for blankets and sheets.

Use unexploited cabinets.

A large linen closet was turned into a practical shoe storage cabinet by adding rows of slanted shelves to make room at the bottom for even the tallest boots.

Try pegboards

Even though it is common in commercial and retail settings, it works just as well in the home. You can use S-hooks and baskets to organize your cooking utensils and other items on a simple pegboard hung on the wall.

Invest in a sheet of pegboard for the kids’ room to use as a bulletin board or for hanging pictures. With this pegboard, they now have movable, vertical storage space for their ever-expanding assortment of art supplies and decorative items.

Use the doorway

Put shelves on the wall around a door where there would be nothing else. This shelf unit fits neatly around the door frame so that the entrance doesn’t look crowded.

Built-in shelves from floor to ceiling

You can maximize your vertical space with these. Take a cue from the homeowners and implement a similar design in the kitchen, complete with double height. The dramatic steel ladder, which looks like the kind you’d find in a library, is useful (it lets you reach higher shelves) and also adds a bit of style to an otherwise practical space.

Change ceilings with slopes

Some parts of a room may not be usable if the ceiling is made awkwardly. In this case, they have been used to store things. The built-in shelves in this space make the area under the tricky ceiling a useful space.

Use the staircase wall

Instead of hanging pictures on the wall beside the stairs, which is what most people do, you could put in a full-length bookcase there to make better use of the space and to add some visual interest to an otherwise dull area of the house. You should just make sure it doesn’t get in the way too much.

Attach some wire shelves to the wall

When choosing vertical storage solutions for your walls, it’s okay to be a mess. Wire baskets that hang on the wall in the kitchen are a great way to store fruits and vegetables. Why not go further? You can also put towels, toys, shoes, magazines, and a lot of other things in them.

Wicker baskets are an attractive way to store toilet paper, extra towels, and other bathroom essentials. An elegant basket can be placed on a shelf or used to decorate a room.

Install a slim drawer

The storage potential of narrow spaces (less than 6-8 inches wide) is often disregarded. A panel would have been a good choice to cover this awkward nook in the kitchen, but a pull-out towel rack means damp towels can dry even when they’re out of sight. Cleaning supplies can be kept out of the way in the pullout’s upper and lower trays.

Add units

If finances allow, it would be wise to put in some built-in units to make the most of the available room. Large floor-to-ceiling cabinets made of strong, easy-to-clean materials open up to reveal a lot of space for storing games, arts and crafts supplies, and maybe even a small desk for doing homework.

Put things away under the stairs

Ordinary under-the-stairs storage is one option, but this brilliant plan for eliminating shoes littering the hall is another. What you need is a shoe rack like this one that slides out so you can see and reach for your shoes from any depth in the closet.

Fitted pullouts and cabinets under stairs are more expensive because they must be made to order to accommodate the ceiling height. Nonetheless, the large amount of free space more than compensates for any inconvenience.

Split up

Consider a half-wall that serves as both a divider and a wardrobe to separate your bedroom from your private bathroom. Because of this clever arrangement, neither room will feel cramped, and both will enjoy the added benefit of increased privacy.

Make shelves within shelves

Shelves designed to stand alone inside a cabinet are ideal for storing and arranging bulky items like dishes and tins. They allow for twice as much storage, make items hidden in the depths of a cabinet more easily visible, and make it much simpler to move heavy items in and out of the cabinet.