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The artist

Marieux van den broek

Owner, Lead designer

Marieux Van Den Broek isn’t simply an architect; he’s better described as a dream maker, and a composer of interiors. His designs are emotional, compelling, mysterious, and dreamy.

Born and raised in the Netherlands; he’d always had a deep passion for design and architecture, and wanted to push the boundaries of what was traditionally expected in these fields. Marieux’s reputation soon grew beyond the borders of his native Netherlands – where his head office still remains – as he opened an office in Monaco, where he settled and integrated into the local culture for 14 prosperous years. He also opened another flourishing office in Qatar, and has now inaugurated his newest office in Dubai, cementing his international status as a leader in the architecture and interior design world.

Marieux creates pieces that transcend time and space. His designs are known to leave an indelible mark on the world of luxury; from majestic mansions nestled in the French Riviera, to lavish chalets in Courchevel and luxurious palaces in the Middle East, his all-encompassing designs are peppered around the entire globe.
His motto is simple, yet powerful: “In anyone’s life, it turns around service, quality, and to do what you promise.” It is a motto he has lived by both in his professional and personal life. As a philanthropist, Marieux Van Den Broeck cares about people, wanting to create experiences that make them genuinely happy. Marieux is a man of experience who believes that evolution is about learning, not copying. He loves travelling to different cities and embracing their distinct flavours, tastes, and smells, finding inspiration in their art and architecture.
His philosophy is what makes him one of the best designers of his time. Marieux is passionate about getting to know his clients: their life, journey, likes and dislikes, as well as their hopes and dreams. It’s only by understanding them on a deep level that he can create a space that truly reflects their personalities. For him, each client has their own “melody” and he is the composer, putting together an orchestra of designers and craftsmen to bring that melody to life. Another one of his core beliefs is that beauty and function go hand in hand. A space can be visually stunning yet lack comfort which makes it vain. Marieux pays attention to the smallest details, ensuring that every piece of furniture and every accent is carefully selected and placed to create a harmonious whole.
His brand, Interior-Treasures, embodies his philosophy in every detail, from the exquisite materials he uses to the innovative techniques he employs. Surrounded by a team of professionals who can rise to any challenge, Marieux is always looking for the next project, the next challenge. His approach is unique, and his philosophy inspiring. He believes that beauty is not just about the physical appearance of things but about the experiences they create.
Designing has never been a job for Marieux; it’s a passion that gives him wings. The act of creating beauty from nothing and manifesting people’s dreams drives him. His legacy lives on with Interior-Treasures, a symbol of luxury, opulence, and a dreamy escape for people who seek nothing less than perfection in their lives. Marieux Van Den Broeck keeps making a lasting mark on the world of architecture with his one-of-a-kind works of art that leave all their viewers deliciously spellbound.

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