The question “how do I choose the perfect white paint color for my space?” is one that we get asked an incredible amount. The rooms and walls were all painted in a variety of white tones, and the entire place required a substantial facelift. You have to understand that the spaces, lighting, and personal preferences all played a significant role in the search for the ideal white.

– Draw a floor plan of the space

 It is important to know whether the space will be filled with warm tones or cool tones before you redecorate it, regardless of whether or not you already have furniture in the room. If you want a warm look, choose whites that have a warm undertone (pink, orange, red). If you want a cooler appearance, choose a white that has an undertone of blue, green, or purple. In addition to that, flooring also plays a significant role in this. Be sure to take into consideration whether the tones of your flooring are warm or cool.

– Be aware of the underlying tones

Getting back to the first piece of advice, white paint can have undertones that are more bluish, reddish, yellowish, or even greenish. It is highly recommended that you go to the paint store in your area, purchase a variety of swatches, and then compare those swatches to a sheet of white paper. This will assist you in recognizing the underlying tones. The swatches should then be narrowed down to three to six different colors, and sample sizes of the paint should be purchased.

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– Proper lighting is essential

After you have obtained sample sizes of your preferred swatches, you should paint small swatches on one of the walls that you intend to paint. It is best to get started on this task first thing in the morning so that you can observe how the swatches change throughout the day. The amount of natural and artificial light that is present in the room will affect the color of the walls. Color is a phenomenon that is caused by light. After being applied to the wall, the sample patches of paint rarely end up looking the same. Keeping a few different paint samples on hand will cut down on the number of trips you need to make to the hardware store or home improvement center for more paint.

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