9 Save Space Ideas Using Tiny Dressing Tables

A boudoir isn’t complete without a dressing table for primping before a night out. You can think of it as a decorative touch for your bedroom that will help you feel more like a star or a queen when you go to sleep. Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a bulky dressing table, use an alcove, closet, or other pieces of unused space to make your own custom vanity area.

Here are tips for condensing your personal space using small dressing tables.

Fit a sleek table against the wall
Buy a sleek table like this one to spruce up your bathroom dressing area. The light and airy table top help create the illusion of more space. To create the illusion of more open space, the table’s pivoting drawers can be folded back out of sight when they are not in use.

Arrange it in the alcove
Creating a custom makeup station in a nook is a smart design choice. Spaces close to windows make the most efficient use of available daylight. Space can be saved by placing a small bench or seat under the dressing table. Get a compact concave mirror to help you get the last few touches right when applying makeup, as the angle of the mirror to the light source can make a difference.

Embellishing it the alcove

Luxe fashion is the way to go if you like a bit of a show-stopping entrance when you’re all dolled up. Padded walls help define a sumptuous nook for the vanity. The beauty of the room is accentuated by the hanging mirror. The theme is glamorous minimalism, with a white and grey color scheme. The nook is turned into a sophisticated makeup station by adding flowers, using grey and metal to break up the white, and putting downlights in the right places.

Use a corner shelf

The essence of elegance is clarity. Making use of corners is exemplified by this small shelf-style table fashioned from a piece of walnut parquet flooring. The dressing table’s warm wooden finish is a striking contrast to the room’s stark white decor.

Utilize as both a workstation and a table
Your desk can double as a vanity. It is a clever solution that provides extra space for your creams, powders, and brushes, thanks to its many drawers. An apothecary’s table can achieve the same result. The round mirror is freestanding and allows more natural light into the space.

Put in a glazed top

Desks and tables with mirrors or glass tops create the illusion of more room. On either side of the table are a glass lamp with bubblegum-pink pebbles in it and a dressing mirror that looks old.

Raise it up off the floor
The ultimate in modern opulence can be achieved with a bench, a floating table, and a large wall mirror framed in bronze. The drawers, which have a copper-toned glass finish and no handles, are great for concealing clutter when the table is not in use.

Repurpose a portmanteau
This repurposed suitcase table can be the focal point of your bedroom and add a touch of glitz whether you live in a modern or vintage setting. Your makeup can be put away neatly in the suitcase, and you can give the vanity table a new look by putting new light bulbs around the mirror.

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