Marieux Van Den Broek, Interior Design Phase 1 for a Villa in Monaco

Video showing Marieux Van Den Broek, founder of interior treasures Monaco, in phase 1 of a new design project in Monaco. Sketching, architectural drawings, rendering, and loads of creativity are being put in place to deliver one of the most beautiful houses in Monaco. Check out our International and Worldwide Interior Designs since 1978 by […]

Marieux Van Den Broek Visiting Qatar’s Largest Interior Design Project

Founder and artist Marieux VDB visiting Qatar’s largest interior design project, a development of 6500 sqm with stunning greenery amidst the desert. The so-called farmhouse is about to become a landmark in the state of Qatar, given its luxury. Stay tuned for future posts in the near outlook.

Monaco Yacht Show 2022 – Best Interior Designer in Monaco Tour

Marieux Van Den Broek, founder of Interior Treasures Monaco, tours and enjoys the Monaco Yacht Show 2022. Enjoy as we tour among the most luxurious boats and yachts, all created, crafted, and designed with utmost attention to detail and luxury. Inspiration, class, and trends…. a haven for every artist seeking fresh styles and muse. Check […]